Maybe the atheletes are too young to remember but us

But the storm was getting ready to pick up again in new business. Councillor Randy Halyk was about to pull several items out of Information Package.”We received this information and I was reading at the top of it, the presentation to Regional Community Advisory Board, July 13th, BC North Community Advisory Board by NC Cab Elected representative Dianne Hewlett and again, I’m concerned about our employees discussing working it seems for Enbridge,” said Halyk. “I don’t understand why our employee would be running this kind of a thing without Council’s knowledge; I never heard this until I saw this happened and I have been in the CAB scenario from the start.”Hewlett explained to Council there were community boards set up by Enbridge across the corridors to have citizens and people with information about the communities economies to come forward and discuss opportunities and concerns about the pipeline project.

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